The Human Movement Training Tour – Day 2 – Here’s the Speal


THMTT – Day 2   Three things you need to know:   Jet Lag is still a bitch Community is everything Iron helps us play   It was 5am AEST when I decided to get up this morning. Which equates to about 1pm here in Utah.   Yep, Jet Lag kicked my arse again. Which…

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The Human Movement Training Tour – Day 1 – Chris Spealler


THMTT – Day 1 Three things you need to know:   Jet lag is a bitch 6300 ft elevation doesn’t leave you with much oxygen Don’t let your ego try and out do your physical     He’s fit.   Stupid fit.   He started after me and finished before me.   And I scaled.…

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Are you a Coach or a Client? Cause you can’t be both.

  Community gyms are great aren’t they? Everyone gets to know each other. Everyone celebrates each other’s achievements. You have coaches who are active within the gym community and have rapport with all of the “gym family”. Clients are on first name or nickname basis with each other, and friendships are formed between people from…

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5 Steps to Fail-Proofing your Mindset


Let’s be honest – we all know that our thoughts control our actions. Our mental controls our physical, and that it is our attitude that ultimately determines our altitude. Knowledge gives us power but without the action, it is only shows us our potential for power. So how do you unlock your potential power? Here…

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An Open Letter to every Husband, Brother and Son

isolated young male

Dear Fellow Brother,   I have a lot to get through today but first I want to share with you a scary statistic.   Did you know that Male suicide is 3 times higher than that of Females?   Why is this? This should be alarming to us all. Considering how easy it is supposed…

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Why I am not CrossFit Affiliated


I’m not silly. I know that there are people out there who think that I am too cheap to pay the Crossfit affiliate fee for my gyms.   There are people out there who also think that my gyms are basically Crossfit gyms, and I have even heard people refer to them as amateur Crossfit…

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How dropping the ‘F’ Bomb is the key to your success

i love f bomb

Drop it everywhere and at every chance you get. You must learn to drop the four letter F word that everyone avoids, the one which is apparently too taboo to talk about positively, in order to have what you want.   We give the F word, FEAR, all the power. More power than ourselves. It’s…

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There Is No Stretch For Bad Advice


“What can I do to stretch this muscle?” *waves arm over partial shoulder/hip area and/or face*   Ahhhh you can stretch that one by not reading crap.   If the late 90’s and early 2000’s taught us anything it was that we need to stretch something if its sore and strengthen your core if you…

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Why you wont be rewarded for Hard-Work


We all know the story.   You go to school, get told to work hard and you will get ahead.   That, in life, we can do whatever we want as long as we are realistic. Or some crap.   Now, I love hardwork. Don’t get me wrong. But I sure as hell am not…

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Why I broke up with the Fitness Industry

no regret

So I am going to get shunned from the industry for writing this.   I have accepted that.   Shun away you fitness shunners because I am about to explain why I believe the fitness industry is a joke.   In my eyes, the fitness industry helps create long term psychological issues and then it…

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