The Human Movement Training Tour – The House of Bobby Maximus – Day 4


THMTT – Day 4


Three things you need to know:


  1. Take 5 and analyse
  2. Anyone can workout – What are your diagnostics?
  3. Do your homework. And when you have done your homework. Do someone else’s.


“I hope you were able to take something away from training. I mean, anyone can workout but it would make me happy to know that you actually took information and content and are able to apply it to your training and so on.”


Yes Bobby, I sure did.


Not just information and content. But also leadership skills. Humility and hunger.


When you organise a trip like this you think about all the cool experiences of training with or next to and hopefully learning from the people you have reached out to. Who you have looked up to. You don’t really think about the life skills that you pick up just from being around world class leaders.


To try and communicate the difference between the industry and leaders like Bobby just wouldn’t give it justice.


Like trying to explain your favourite ice cream on a steaming summer day – the explanation just falls short. Unless the person you are talking to has tasted the exact same thing.


The last two days have been that unexplainable experience.


Unless of course, you have been on these mats as well.

Then you know exactly what flavour ice cream I am talking about.

Training wise – yes. I have work to do. No if’s, no but’s. Just simply – work. I didn’t travel 20 hours to make excuses. And excuses will only get you the same shitty results you were complaining about in the first place anyway.


Experience wise – it was an overload. Bobby has expectations. But above all, he expects you not to quit, do your homework and literally learn.


I talk about it a lot. The role of a coach is to get their client to not need them. To not rely on them. To take responsibility.


You know, like an adult..


The biggest take home?


3 things:

1: take 5 and analyse

Literally take 5-10 minutes post cool down and break down your workout. What did you do well? where did you lack? How well did you prepare for today? Honestly. None of this letting yourself off the hook stuff. Don’t tie emotion to it. It is what it is. And you don’t do this so you can necessarily get better in the gym for bragging rights. It’s so you can literally be the best person you can be outside. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. The way you work in the gym has a direct correlation to how you work outside. Skip a few reps? I bet you that doesn’t just happen in the gym… this is not a bashing. Its analysing your path for improvement.


2: What are your diagnostics?

What are you measuring against? And don’t fool yourself. You simply cannot improve every single week. especially when you pay to go to the gym instead of the gym paying you. Its not your full time gig. Back off the pressure but let that shit off in the gym. I have learnt that suffering isn’t a bad thing. It makes you appreciate your life. Like your heart pumping in your neck while you are in a domestic with your head. I believe everyone has a spark of madness in them. If anything, you are expected to at Gym Jones. It’s almost like a badge. You have to be able to smirk at the thought of it. You know, the thought that this work out could possibly beat you.


Cause, it won’t. Unless you let it.


3: Do your homework.

Just do it.

Because if you don’t. Then you may be required to do an hour cardio effort like some of the team was required to today.

It’s that whole adult thing I was talking about earlier.

What? There’s nothing more to this one. Be an adult and get your shit done.



I know, this sounds like a mental ward for people who aren’t locked up yet, doesn’t it? Well, at least we know it. We aren’t pretending to be anything else.


But in all seriousness, and it comes down to the number 1 factor to training –  it has to be fun.


That doesn’t mean I was giggling or saying “wheeeeee!” during my workouts.


It means I enjoyed the peoples company. I enjoyed suffering together for the sake of getting better.

I enjoyed the coaching implementation.

I enjoyed the mind games.

I enjoyed the environment in which we were all helping each other suffer together.

I hated the stupid aridyne.

I enjoyed feeling a part of the family.

The acceptance.


We think enjoyment has to come from being in our comfort zone. Moving enough to sweat without feeling hopeless and useless.


There is no enjoyment in that. It’s a fallacy.


The only real enjoyment comes from finding out who you really are.


Everything else is just details.


Kind of like these shitty details which was todays FYF…


6 sets of 20 Deadlifts @ 80Kgs.


I clearly didn’t think that was enough so I decided to do an extra set.


Whatever. Booty gains.


The whole idea is to continually put the body through a grinding movement to work on all supportive muscles. Everything from grip right through to your midline and lats.


Then onto the conditioning.


Interval Weight Training:


3 rounds of

10 32Kg Goblet Squats

Then 2 mins max Calories on the Airdyne

2 minutes rest.




That simple.


I was cooked.




I have work to do.


But I am not alone.


Time to be an adult.


As for Bobby?


He is a leader. Genuinely just himself. The kind of guy that just wants to give you what’s in his head. And yet, at the same time, no bullshit.


Someone you could rely on in a crisis.


Yet, at the same time, someone you can rely on to put a smile on your face.


Bobby, until next time, train hard.


Oh, one last thing, no lululemon in The House of Bobby Maximus.


Like, you can wear it, if you want to. My training partner today did.


Bobby just asks that it please matches your purse.


Don’t take life so seriously    : )

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